It truly is for the quality of the craft. However, the impetus goes beyond that. It is for the sensation, for the touch, for the intensity, for the freedom. It is for the return to the roots in a journey that goes up until the past trough the imaginary. That goes up until those days when the routines were happily lived. Waking up, feeling awake, getting ready and, in an instant, a moment alone. Sitting on the little kitchen stool, it was just me tightening my shoe laces. Me and my thoughts. I was a child. The time stopped. And i was truly happy. So happy that I still smile today.

The passion comes from there. The inspiration. From the days in which I dreamed about having in my hands the art of good shoes. Of creating. Of improving. Of feeling.

Movement, vivacity, imperfection, brightness, authenticity, dissatisfaction, ability.

Caminhar is feeling the Portuguese sidewalk, full of Portuguese soul like the mastery of our craftsmen. How I miss that…

And now, back to tomorrow, because the way is made by walking (caminhado).


Paulo Sousa

The one who dreamed, that challenged himself until creating and keeps on dreaming.